When you first signed into the platform, we asked you to do a few things, like authorize us to import your orders, and provide some basic information (such as your support email). If you skipped that, or need to change some of your information, never fear! Survey settings are here:

Click on Settings on the left-side menu. Not only can you change your support email, Twitter information, website address, or add a Google Analytics ID, you can also change some features of your survey:

  • Add "Company Name" to the shipping information backers submit
  • Disallow backers from editing their address once submitted
  • Disallow backers from reopening their survey once they've finalized
  • Require a phone number on the shipping information backers submit
  • Allow us to display your project's support email, rather than simply forwarding all emails to the support email on file
  • And others

Remember that if you decide to disallow backers from editing their own address or reopening their surveys, you will need to manually handle any backer's request to change their address or add more items to their survey.

Next, learn more about importing external orders, setting up a pre-order page, or, if you don't need to do either of those things, requesting a survey review!