When to send: Depending on how you are managing your fulfillment, you may want to lock down all completed surveys at once, or you may lock down by country/reward level. The following update is based on locking down the entire survey so we suggest posting it roughly a week before the lock down date.

This is a "last call" for all backers that we will be locking orders in on _____.

95% of all backers have completed their surveys so we need the remaining 5% to complete in the next week.

If you haven't finished your survey yet, please do so as soon as possible. If you have already completed your survey, I would suggest going back to your survey invitation email to open the survey and ensure your shipping address is correct.

For backers that miss the cut-off period, you can still submit your information but your shipment may be delayed. For backers that do not complete their survey, please note that we will be unable to ship your rewards so please ensure to fill out your survey this week.

Lost your survey invitation?
Not to worry! You can retrieve it by going to this link: ____________.

Shipping Update
We're currently aiming to ship rewards in <Month>. We will communicate further shipping updates shortly.

Thank you to all for cooperating in the CrowdOx surveys to help us keep track of all of your orders!