Crowd Ox now fully supports projects in a currency without a decimal system.

Majority of projects raise funds in a currency that uses a two-point decimal system. However, there are some projects raising funds in currencies like the Japanese Yen, South Korean Won, and the Vietnamese Dong, which do not use a decimal point.

Example: Two-Point Decimal System: USD $10.00 | Currency without a decimal system: JPY ¥1000

Keeping currencies in the correct format is critical on the backend, which is why we now support centless currency funded projects. We've implemented the necessary changes to accommodate the unique decimal system used in some currencies.

When the project is imported to our platform, the project's currency will automatically reflect in your project dashboard. Additionally, when exporting the order data, the payment details will be correctly formatted.

Most importantly, the survey will accurately display the currency making it easier for backers to complete.

If you have any questions about whether or you currency is supported, please reach our support team at [email protected].