Thank you for joining the countless project creators who chose to make their project fulfillment easier with us. We provide easy-to-use software to handle the hard work for you!

Why Crowd Ox?

Crowd Ox helps you create beautiful and efficient surveys that your backers can complete thoroughly and quickly. In addition, you'll more easily manage orders, get help with backer support, and find tools to help you manage your data and ship on time. We offer a multitude of useful and time-saving features.


Crowd Ox offers:

  • Beautiful, efficient surveys. Our aim is to make attractive surveys that allow backers to quickly confirm their rewards and provide accurate shipping information. If backers want to upgrade or buy add-ons, we make the process easy - resulting in more funds raised, even if your backers have already completed their surveys.
  • Backer support. If your backers have questions, we have answers. All projects get 48 hours of complimentary backer support (providing answers based on information you provide us). Longer periods are available. And we always provide technical support to your backers if they have any issues completing their surveys.
  • Address verification. We use multiple data sets to confirm backer addresses, reducing shipping issues and returned products. Backers can also change their own addresses at any time before you lock their surveys.
  • Order management. Easily handle individual order issues, or take action on orders in bulk. Handle refunds, add items, issue credits, and much more - right on our platform.
  • Digital Fulfillment. If you have PDFs, game keys, movie codes - we can dsitribute them for you, either when the backer completes their survey, or later on, when you have them ready.
  • Exports and data. When you need to get data concerning your surveys, we have a variety of exports and formats for you to work with, from order transactions to shipping information. We also provide shipping exports in formats that work with many popular shipping and fulfillment companies.
  • Creator support. We're here to help you through the whole process. If you have questions, we have answers.

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