Whether you are using product-based shipping or weight-based shipping, you can now easily copy previously entered shipping rates from reward levels and existing products to another product or reward level. Keep in mind, when copying shipping rates the new rates will completely replace any previously entered rates. Shipping rates added to reward levels will automatically bill backers the shipping rate associated with their country. Shipping rates added to products will only add shipping costs when the product is added as an extra during the survey.

How to copy shipping rates:

1) Edit the Configuration or Product.

If editing the configuration, 1. access the source (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Crowd Ox) from the left menu to view the list of reward levels. 2. edit the configuration to receive the copied rates.

If editing a product, 1. select Products from the left menu to view the list of products. 2. select the product to receive the copied rates.

2) Edit the shipping section.

Expand the Shipping menu found at the bottom of the configuration or product.

3) Copy Shipping.

Select the green "Copy Shipping" button found to the far left of the shipping menu. If your "Ships To:" menu indicates that "Shipping Isn't Involved" be sure to change this drop-down menu to include shipping rates and access the "Copy Shipping" button.

4) Select the configuration or product.

Next you'll see a list of all of the reward levels/configurations and products with assigned shipping within your project. Select the configuration or product that contains the rates you would like to copy.

5) Click "Copy Shipping".

Click the grey "Copy Shipping" button found in the bottom right corner.

6) Save.

The new shipping rates will be listed in the configuration or product shipping section. Confirm the rates or make edits where needed. If all looks good, click the green "Save Configuration/Product" in the top right corner.