When you first signed into the platform, we asked you to do a few things, like authorize us to import your orders, and provide some basic information (such as your support email). If you skipped that, or need to change some of your information, never fear! Project settings are here:

Click on Settings on the left-side menu. Not only can you change your support email, Twitter information, website address, or add a Google Analytics ID, you can also change some features of your survey:

  • Set the Shipping Price Calculation. This will allow you to charge shipping by product or by product weight. The setting will default to shipping by product. This setting cannot be changed after the surveys launch.
  • Your fulfillment vendor may require that the backer's name be formatted in a specific way. Use Address Name Entry to determine if the name field is separated. This setting cannot be changed after the surveys launch.
  • Close Completed Surveys will prevent backers from reopening their survey to make changes to their pledge after they've completed their survey.
  • Don't Allow Shipping Address to be Updated, once enabled backers will not be able to change their shipping address from the confirmation page, after the survey has been completed. Backers can reopen their survey and change their address unless the "Close Completed Surveys" setting is enabled.
  • When Enable Company Name on Shipping Address is activated, an additional field will appear in the shipping address portion of the survey allowing backers to list a company name. This will be an optional field for backers to use.
  • Enable Split Export SKU will split and generate a row for each sku, with a semicolon in the sku. Please note this will copy the data across each of the split rows (quantity, prices, etc). Please use with caution.
  • Enable the Require Phone Number for Domestic Shipping Addresses settings to require a phone number on domestic and international orders.
  • Show Product Description when Configuring Products will display the product description again to help when configuring the reward, manual or external products.
  • Show Support Email to Users will display your actual project support email (as entered in the project settings) to backers during the survey and in their confirmation email. Traditionally our assigned project email address will display and the emails will forward to your support team through our email address. This setting gives backers access to your direct support email address.

Remember that if you decide to disallow backers from editing their own address or reopening their surveys, you will need to manually handle any backer's request to change their address or add more items to their survey.

Next, learn more about importing external orders, setting up a pre-order page, or, if you don't need to do either of those things, requesting a survey review!