Closing surveys prevents 'Invited' or 'In Progress' status orders from completing their survey. Backers who have completed their survey will not be able to reopen their survey to make changes. However 'Completed' orders can update their shipping address, unless the setting is changed.

How to close surveys:

1) Access your reward levels.

Click on the source (Kickstarter, Crowd Ox, Indiegogo) from the left menu. This will automatically open to your reward level page.

2) Locate the "Live" status.

Located to the right of the reward level. If the status is "In Setup" this means the surveys haven't launched. Please contact our support team for help with lauching the surveys, [email protected].

3) Change the status.

Click the "Live" drop-down and change the status to "Completed". This will close the surveys for that reward level. Continue to change the status for each reward level you would like to close. Tip: Depending on the number of reward levels, you may have more than one page of reward levels. Look in the bottom right corner to see if you have more pages to update.

4) Confirm the change.

For each reward level status updated, you'll get a confirmation screen to verify the change and how it impacts backers. Click 'Yes' to continue.

If you need to reopen a reward level, you can change the status back to "Live" after you've marked it "Completed".