When viewing the Orders page, for example, you'll see column headers identifying the information liste. There may be times in which you would like to view additional information. The Column Chooser will allow you to select and unselect which columns of information to display. The column chooser can be found on the Orders, Products, Questions or Reward Level pages. Below you'll find steps on how to access the column chooser and brief explainations on each option.

Accessing the column chooser:

1) Access the table to view.

From the left menu select Orders, Products, Questions or Reward Level page (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Crowd Ox). Each of these pages display the information in table format (columns and rows).

2) Select the table icon.

Locate the column headers at the top of the listed orders/products/questions/reward levels. To the far right, you'll see the table icon with a down-pointed arrow indicating a drop-down menu.

3) Select the attributes.

Click this icon to view and un/select the attributes that you'd like to be visible. Only attributes with a checkmark will be displayed.

Defining Available Attributes:

Available Order Attributes

ID: Backer's Crowd Ox ID number
External ID: Kickstarter/Indiegogo/Other Backer ID number
External Sequence: Kickstarter backers are given a sequence number to indicate the pledge rank in the order in which it was originally received.
Customer ID: Assigns a customer ID number to easily identify all of the orders associated with a single email address.
Name (Default): Backer's Name
Email (Default): Backer's email address
Country: The country associated with the backer's shipping address.
Reward (Default): Backer's current reward level
Last Sync: The date in which the orders information was last updated from the original source (Kickstarter/Indiegogo)
Invited (Default): Date the backer was invited to complete the survey
Completed (Default): Date the backer last completed the survey
Status (Default): The survey status (Not Invited, Invited, In Progress, Completed)

Available Product Attributes

ID: An internally assigned product ID number, an alternative identification method
Image (Default): A thumbnail preview of the product image
Name (Default): Product name
Price (Default): Product price as it will be listed on the extras page
Fulfillment (Default): Product fulfillment type (physical, digital, choice, or bundle)
SKU (Default): Product SKU
Variations: If the product contains variations, the number of variations will be indicated in this column
Questions: If the product contains questions, the number of questions will be indicated in this column
Products: If listed as a product choice or product bundle, the number of products assigned will be indicated in this column

Available Question Attributes

ID: An internally assigned question ID number, an alternative identification method
Name (Default): The question to be asked to backers
Question Type (Default): Acknowledges "Text" if the backer is asked to write in the response, or "Multiple" if the backer is asked to choose from multiple choice options.

Available Reward Level Attributes

ID: An internally assigned reward level ID number, an alternative identification method
Name (Default): Name of the reward level
Price (Default): Price of the reward level
Products (Default): The number of products mapped to the reward level
Orders (Default): The number of orders pledged to the reward level
Status (Default): Indicates if the status of the surveys associated with the reward level. "Live" indicates the surveys are open and accessible. "Completed" indicates that the surveys have been closed and no longer accesible to backers.
Extras: Identifies if Extras are accesible from the reward level, and the type of extras assigned. Global extras are the general extras available. Custom extras are products accessible only to the orders within the reward level.
Locations: The number of country zones with assigned shipping rates.