Interested in backing a project as a pre-order/late-backer pledge? Submit your name and email within the project's pre-order/late-backer page to start your pledge. The order isn't finalized until your pledge payment is issued through the survey and the survey is complete.

1) Select your reward level.

From the pre-order/late-backer page select the reward level in which you are looking to pledge.

2) Enter your information.

Enter your full name, email address and select your shipping country. Then click 'Checkout'.

3) Finalize your order.

When the surveys are live, clicking 'Checkout' will take you straight into your survey. This is where you will confirm your reward level, select extras (if available), provide your shipping address, and issue payment for your pledge. You'll also receive the survey link via email if needed.

If you were not immediately taken to your survey, the surveys are not yet available. The project is simply accepting pre-order/late backer requests and you will receive your survey invite via email at a later date.