Overall, the refund policy is your decision as the project creator. In most cases, projects will allow refunds only for payments issued during the survey. We've included instructions below on how to issue refunds for payments issued during the survey.

We cannot refund payments received outside of our platform (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.) as we do not have access to those funds. To refund a pledge payment, follow the refund procedures of Kickstarter or Indiegogo. You can mark the refund you've processed through Kickstarter or Indiegogo on Crowd Ox for reference, however. Follow the same steps below to mark those transactions as refunded. Note: If you've processed a full refund through Kickstarter, this will sync within 24 hours and will automatically cancel the order on Crowd Ox. This does not apply to Indiegogo orders.

How to refund a backer:

1) Click Orders.

Found on the left menu.

2) Locate the backer's pledge.

Search by Backer Name, Email or Order ID.

3) Locate the backer's transaction.

The backers payment details are found in the Transactions box, found to the bottom right of the order.

4) Click the left-pointed grey arrow.

The arrow is located to the far right of the Stripe or PayPal transaction.

5) Determine the refund amount.

Click 'Entire Transaction' to refund the entire payment. Click 'Partial Amount' and enter the amount of the refund you'd like to issue. Click 'Refund'. This will immediately process a refund for transactions made through Stripe or PayPal (within 60 days).

6) Advise backer.

Advise the backer of the refund processing time. Traditionally the refund should process within 5 to 7 business days. However, the timeframe depends on the backer's financial institution.

7) Unable to refund?

If you have received a message indicating that the refund cannot be processed due to the amount of time since the payment was originally applied. Then you will need to coordinate a refund directly with the backer. In most cases, if the backer has a PayPal account it may be easier to confirm their email address and refund their money through PayPal directly. If you've received an error message, confirm that the Stripe or PayPal accounts have sufficient funds to process the refund. If the accounts are okay, and you are still getting an error please contact us at [email protected].