You have signed up with Crowd Ox! Now what? Once your project is added to our platform, you'll receive an invite email to create your login password. After you are logged in, setup can begin. It's never too early to get your survey setup started! Not to worry, we have a Launch Guide (left menu) that will take you step-by-step through each task that you'll need to address. Below is a high level view of what you should expect:

  • Set up your account. Invite us as a collaborator on Kickstarter, authorize us for Indiegogo, provide contact details for your backers (such as your support email, website URL, and Twitter address), and set up your billing details and Stripe and/or PayPal account.
  • Set up Products. Create the products you offered in your reward levels, along with any additional products you plan to offer as add-ons.
  • Set up Marketing Questions. Create any marketing questions you want to ask your backers.
  • Map Products and Questions to Configurations. Assign your products and questions to the configurations they belong to. Allow or disallow upgrades to any configuration.
  • Map Products to Extras. Assign products you'd like to sell as add-ons to your survey's Extras page.
  • Check your settings, special offers, and survey theme. Your campaign is unique; make sure your surveys are, too. Change settings, and adjust the theme of your survey. If you've offered special membership deals through Backerclub, Backerland, or other membership sites, let us know; we can help make sure these orders are handled smoothly.
  • Set up your Pre-Order page. If you plan to continue taking pledges after your campaign is over to increase funding, create and set up your Pre-Order (or "late backer") page.
  • Import external orders. If you've already taken orders in an external site, such as Shopify, and want to keep those orders with your pledges, we may be able to help.
  • Have your survey reviewed. Humans make mistakes. Get a second set of eyes on your survey by having us review it before we send the invitations out.
  • Send your survey invitations. Now that all your hard work is done, have us send out your survey invitations, and make your pre-order page live.
  • Monitor your survey stats. Use our handy stats page to monitor the progress of your surveys and orders.
  • Work with orders and data. We make backer and order management easy, as well as provide tools to monitor your survey progress.
  • Export your data. Use our built-in filters and tools to get data in a variety of formats, including exports for fulfillment.

Ready to get started? Then let's go!